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How to get creative with your wardrobe

“Did you always know you wanted to get into fashion?” and  “Why clothing?” are two questions we get asked all the time. The goal of merging our heritage with our lifestyle can be achieved in many ways.

What do you do with an idea?

Some wise people have expressed what we feel in words that are too good not to share:

“Fashion is one of the most visceral forms of art. What we choose to wear tells a story about who we are, whether you wear black and leather or pastels and silk, you’re creating an inner version of yourself whether you realize it or not.” - Supergirl 

“Clothes don’t need to be expensive; they just need to make you feel a certain way. Believe it or not, clothes can evoke certain emotions in us.” - Lilly Singh, How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life

“Fashion [is an] expression of our very unique identities. And we should express ourselves, wear what we want....Fashion can let us literally wear our courage on our sleeves. So wear it. Wear it like armor. Wear it because it matters. And wear it because you matter.” Kaustav Dey, How Fashion helps us express who we are - and what we stand for, Ted Talk

We totally understand the comfort of a classic black dress or comfy neutral sweater and we have these wardrobe staples too. Here is how we mix the go-to pieces with kriyā's standout out pieces.

indo western outfit

Let’s start with the kutch me outside off the shoulder top. Off the shoulder is so in and everyone’s looking to stay with the trend while doing it slightly differently. Paired with a simple sari, or elegant maxi skirt/lengha, it makes for an easy, statement top that is sure to get some attention at the next party. Switch the sari/skirt out for some jeans and you’ve got a fun outfit for brunch.

indo western outfit

casual off the shoulder outfit

Jackets are a must have for us. The rickshaw to runway jacket is both the starting point and finishing touch of any outfit. Business casual slacks and neutral tops bring out the ideal contrast to its detailed embroidery which give this jacket all the sophisticated vibes. This fall, you won’t have to worry about black vs brown because this jacket goes with both. Style it anyway you like! We are all about the non-gym sneaker trend and this jacket fits the athleisure look too.

business casual outfit

athleisure outfit

How incredible that you can have a jacket that is similar in style to someone else’s but still so different?! No one will ever have the exact same piece as you. That is the beauty of hand embroidery; channel its uniqueness. The wild card jacket is perfect for a date night, to really feel your best. The flowy feel of this light jacket also makes it a great one to wear casually and comfortably on any adventure around town. Someone invite us to a party, because we are also dying to wear this jacket styled for a fancy occasion. 

wild card jacket, phulkari emnbroidered jacekt

indo western outfit

xoxo kriya

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